How to Harness Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Dental Practice

In this age of digital marketing, we have a wide array of tools in hand that can help us attract, convert, close, and delight patients. Social media is a natural place to begin building relationships and establishing a network of contacts. Facebook, in particular, provides an unbeatable opportunity to extend your reach with highly-targeted advertising.


What is Facebook Advertising?

In July 2017, Facebook reported that 240 million of the 323.1 million people in the United States had embraced theirsocial media channel. In the same way you interact with followers on Facebook, you can attract more business to your practice by advertising to similar audiences. Facebook advertising enables you to select from more than 30 characteristics to sculpt your ideal target audience. You can create ads for very specific, small groups, or craft general offers for larger groups. The choice is yours.

One of the greatest benefits that Facebook offers advertisers is the ability to define the audience. What criteria will you use to define your audience? Here are a few:












Ethnic Affinity


Life Events





Business & Industry


Family & Relationships

Fitness & Wellness

Food & Drink

Hobbies & Activities

Shopping & Fashion

Sports & Outdoors







Business to Business

Charitable Donations

Digital Activities



Job Role


Mobile Device User

Purchase Behavior


Residential Profiles

Seasonal & Events














Begin With a Strategy

How can you determine if you have reached your goals? You need to have a plan. Facebook advertising is no different than any other type of marketing in the need to begin with a strategy.

Some of the factors that will guide your marketing plan are the age of your practice, your current size, the range of services that you offer, where you are located, and how intense the competition is in your market.

Know Your Audience

One of the most important questions you will need to answer is “Who is your ideal patient?” You will likely have multiple answers to this question, but each one needs to be defined in detail. Once you have established personas – like characters in a movie – to describe your ideal patients, you can use them to guide your marketing messages.

Use Targeted Messaging

Would you like to attract more patients who need help relieving jaw pain, are considering veneers, need braces, or would benefit from dental implants? With Facebook advertising you can create ad campaigns for each service and select the characteristics that define your typical decision-makers.

Take it Slow Till You Get the Hang of It

It takes some practice to learn how to manage Facebook advertising, so it is best to take it slow at first. Fortunately, you will be able to monitor the response to your ads right away, so you can continuously make changes to improve your results.

For each ad you create, you will need to specify your marketing objective, define the audience you are targeting, determine where you would like the ad to appear, when you would like it to run, and how much you intend to spend per day.

The next step is designing your ad. Facebook provides four basic formats that can be used as templates. To be effective, your ad should contain text with either an image or video. The most important element is your call-to-action. What would you like the user to do? When they click your link, they should be taken to a landing page, which explains the benefits of your suggested action in more detail.

Which format will you choose?

facebook ad format choices

We Can Help You Get it Right

While Facebook can give you access to 74% of the US population, there is a lot to understand, implement, and monitor if you are not familiar with the process. ClearPivot is a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner that understands what it takes for healthcare providers to maximize their marketing results with inbound marketing tools, such as Facebook advertising.


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Source: How to Harness Facebook Advertising to Grow Your Dental Practice

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